Thing 4

This blogging thing is all news to me. It does seem like an interesting way to distribute and share info. Being an old school administrator I was instantly drawn to the Why I don’t assign homework blog. This topic has been debated since the day when schools were one classroom. Homework when correctly given should be practice for that big event, much as to become good at free throw shooting in basketball talking about doing it is not going to make you a better shooter. Some actual time spent on the court obtaining some muscle memory is required.  Homework is a necessary evil.

Blogging can also allow us to connect on a personal level.  When I read Imagine turning on the faucet and nothing coming out was thought provoking. It was nice to step out of my world and read others opinions on this topic. I suggest we do away with all golf courses by not wasting water on recreation. Blogs are my friend!!!

2 thoughts on “Thing 4

  1. Ed,
    I, too, was drawn to the assigning homework blog. I have to admit, I was so tired of fighting the written homework battle this year that I changed my assignments to only “reading” ones. Since most of my students must print their written work before class, it is an additional step that most of them are not willing to take. Also, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on checking homework for completion versus checking homework for accuracy. Frankly, I do not remember having this dilemma twenty – odd years ago…(okay…my age is showing)….or maybe I was not experienced enough to realize that students did not always do their best!

  2. Linda,
    Old school me checks hmwk for completeness. I want them to try each problem if they cannot do the problem ..we review or come in for extra help. If they do not try I can tell what they know or don’t know.

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